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Frequently Asked Questions

What is albumsaver and how does it work?

AlbumSaver helps by creating a separate backup of your mobile photos on an external USB storage stick - creating a backup ""photo stick"" as it is referred to in the industry. The longer you wait without getting AlbumSaver, the more your photos are at risk.

What is usealbumsaver?

AlbumSaver let's you transfer, backup, and save photos from your mobile device to your external USB drive. When your phone crashes you can lose all your precious photos and memories.

Where can I buy album Saver?

Album Saver is not available at any retailers and is not listed on Amazon. To purchase this device, you must go directly through the Album Saver company website itself. There, you can purchase both the standard Album Saver as well as the Album Saver Mobile option. GET ALBUM SAVER FOR PC & MAC

What size of albumsaver mobile do I Need?

You need AlbumSaver Mobile. If you like capturing a lot of photos and memories, we suggest the 128GB option. Save money by ordering one for your family and friends also! Save up to 4,000 photos & videos! Save up to 4,000 photos & videos!

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