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Frequently Asked Questions

What is albumsaver and how does it work?

AlbumSaver helps by creating a separate backup of your mobile photos on an external USB storage stick - creating a backup ""photo stick"" as it is referred to in the industry. The longer you wait without getting AlbumSaver, the more your photos are at risk.

How do I install the albumsaver on my computer?

1) Unwrap the AlbumSaver and insert it to a free USB slot on your computer. 2) Locate the AlbumSaver drive in Finder (if you're a Mac user) or in File Explorer (if you're a Windows user), go to the drive, and double-click on the AlbumSaver icon.

Can I use albumsaver Mobile on my computer?

However, after backing up your smartphone, you can plug your AlbumSaver Mobile into your desktop to view pictures and videos that were previously backed up from your mobile device or move them to your computer. Please see the instructions in our Help Center by searching the keyword "move". Can I use AlbumSaver on my phone?

How do I contact albumsaver customer support?

AlbumSaver Support If you have any questions about your AlbumSaver, you might find the answer and more information in our FAQ or in our Help Center. Our Customer Support team is happy to assist you between 9 AM- 5 PM Eastern Standard Time, from Monday to Friday. Please use the contact form to submit your request.

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