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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of an alchemist?

Role in The Alchemist An Englishman is traveling with the group, and the alchemist is all that he can talk about. However, it is clear that the Englishman knows very little about alchemy. For much of the rest of the book, the alchemist acts as a teacher for Santiago, teaching the shepherd how to be one himself.

What is an alchemist needs?

The Alchemist's most vital need is variety; keeping their options open, doing things a new way, shaking things up, and challenging systems (sometimes just for the hell of it!). They crave input (i.e. information, which could come from practically anywhere: people, art, media, research, etc), but in order to have balance in their creative cycle, they also require output.

What are the different types of alchemy?

Two Types of Alchemy. Alchemy can be categorized into two types: external and internal: The external alchemy was practiced by the people that tried to harmonize the external forces to transform matter into what they believed to be its purest form: gold.

What is the meaning of Alchemist?

Use alchemist in a sentence. The tools of the alchemist. noun. The definition of an alchemist is a person who practices a form of chemistry from the Middle Ages which was concerned with transforming various metals into gold. An example of an alchemist is Zosimos of Panopolis.

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