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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of an alliance?

The purpose of alliances is to gain military, research, cultural, religious, and economic benefits for your civilization. To establish an alliance both civilizations need to be friends and must have the Civil Service Civic researched. You must have the Rise and Fall DLC to have access to these Alliances.

What is the Alliance doing?

The Alliance carriers -- Hapag-Lloyd, Yang Ming, and Ocean Express Network (ONE)-- have been relocating their trans-Atlantic operations from Bremerhaven to Hamburg. The four weekly services involved -- AL1, AL2, AL3, and AL4 -- now connect northern Europe with the US East Coast and the US Gulf.

What are synonyms of Alliance?

Synonyms for alliance include union, association, confederation, league, coalition, federation, partnership, affiliation, confederacy and combination. Find more ...

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