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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alliance in health care?

health alliance. A purchasing entity created in the US under managed competition that allows consumers of health care services to form collectives and get better pricing and more concessions from providers. A health alliance may inform the public on medical costs, outcomes and patient satisfaction.

What was the first Alliance?

The first Anglo-Japanese Alliance (日英同盟, Nichi-Ei Dōmei) was an alliance between Britain and Japan, signed in January 1902. The alliance was signed in London at Lansdowne House on 30 January 1902 by Lord Lansdowne, British foreign secretary, and Hayashi Tadasu, Japanese diplomat.

What is Alliance Insurance Plan?

The Alliance Health Insurance Company is a subsidiary of a company known as Health Alliance Plan (HAP). Alliance is a company that offers a selection of flexible health insurance products to customers in Michigan.

What is Alliance Health System?

Alliance HealthCare System. Alliance Healthcare System (AHS) is a premier provider of emergency medicine and preventive care through two outpatient clinics and an acute care hospital.

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