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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Health Alliance plan?

Health plans, hospitals and physicians working together. The Health Plan Alliance is a national organization that brings provider-sponsored and independently-owned health plans together with their health system and provider group leaders for unparalleled peer-to-peer collaboration.

What is National Health Alliance?

The National Alliance for Health Information Technology, or NAHIT, was formed in 2002 in an effort to promote the use of health IT. Its members consisted of health care providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies and other industry organizations.

What is Alliance Health System?

Why Alliance. Alliance Health System is a Comprehensive Management and Consulting company focused on the Medical Industry. AHS offers a variety of services for our clients including, Practice Management Services, Business Development, Organizational Structuring & Staffing, Professional Networking Services, and Billing Services.

What is Alliance health insurance plan?

The Alliance Health Insurance Company is a subsidiary of a company known as Health Alliance Plan (HAP). Alliance is a company that offers a selection of flexible health insurance products to customers in Michigan.

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