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Frequently Asked Questions

Why alstore Pty Ltd?

Alstore Pty Ltd is committed to provide a hassle free service for the programmed maintenance and inspection along with the statutory servicing and reporting of the Tanks. We will provide a comprehensive and detailed service to ensure the tanks installed will operate at optimum performance and efficiently as designed.

What is altstore and how to install it?

AltStore is an App Store alternative developed for mobile devices from Apple. Here’s how you can install it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. What is AltStore? Is AltStore safe to use? Why do I need to enter my Apple ID credentials? Do I need to keep running Altserver in the background? Why do my apps expire after 7 days?

Who are the founders of alstore?

Alstore was founded in the mid 80s by two mechanical engineers who went through university together.

What is altaltstore?

AltStore, in layman’s terms, is a sideload utility and an alternative App Store for the iOS operating system. It is the brainchild of veteran emulator developer Riley Testut. It uses an official feature called “sideloading” that Apple offers to developers.

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