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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does AWS cost per month?

The AWS Hosting cost could be around USD 20 to 30 per month. 3.- There are some “Web Agencies” that host several WordPress sites within a server/VPS. For those in that scenario, you could get one...

How much does AWS web hosting cost?

The AWS server capacity will vary, but you might need BIG servers, such as 1 xlarge instance for the database and 1 xlarge instance for the web server. Definitely, the hosting costs will be around USD 300 to 700. 6.- For a “highly scalable SaaS application or small startups”.

How much does AWS cloud storage cost?

There is no minimum fee and there are no setup charges. AWS Backup storage pricing is based on the amount of storage space your backup data consumes. For the first backup of an AWS resource, a full copy of your data is saved. For each incremental backup, only the changed part of your AWS resource is saved.

How much does an AWS exam cost?

The AWS Certifications themselves cost anywhere between $150 to $300. This does not take into account the additional cost of the learning materials required to pass the exam. This can vary wildly from $0 to $2095. That’s the textbook answer, but if you keep reading I’m going to show you have you can get certified on any budget.

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