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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Amiibo bin files safe to download?

All Amiibo Bin Files Safe Download (for Tagmo, Powersaves, Placiibo, Amiiboss, etc.) – The Amiibo Doctor Amiibo Doctor is not hosting these files.

What app do you use for your Amiibo’s?

I use the app Ally for my amiibo’s. Yesterday I downloaded the newest Smash Bro bins. Today their was an update on Ally and the characters where undone and I can’t scan them in, or re downloaded them in. Yep, the bins were generated, I updated the log to specify it. The dev of Ally let me know it and updated the app since the bins aren’t perfect.

How do I import Amiibo to ally?

Tap and hold the + button on the amiibo collection page, Import from Files, then select all from whatever folder they are in. Sharing them from the iOS Files app only sends one to Ally, but opening them all this way from within Ally does the trick. Yeah lol I figured that out after importing 600 or so one by one. I'm kind of new to this.

Does amiibot upload the SSBU Amiibo?

Edit: The SSBU amiibo are now on the drive! u/ibraibra66 I've got a pre-order on the Loftwing Amiibo, when I receive it I will create a backup to drop in the drive. Amiibot doesnt upload them! Why! AmiiBot has a library with them already downloaded. It’s not my favourite app to use for Amiibo though.

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