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Frequently Asked Questions

How to emulate Amiibos with emuiibo?

Emuiibo no longer accepts raw BIN dumps to emulate amiibos. Instead, you can use emutool PC tool in order to generate virtual amiibos. emuiibo hosts a custom service, also named emuiibo, which can be used to control amiibo emulation by IPC commands. The overlay's code can be a good example to see how to control emuiibo from IPC and C++.

What does emuiibo's emulation status mean?

Emulation status (on/off): when emuiibo's emulation status is on, it means that any game trying to access/read amiibos will be intercepted by emuiibo. When it's off, it means that amiibo services will work normally, and nothing will be intercepted. This is basically a toggle to globally disable or enable amiibo emulation.

How to use Amiibo cards on Nintendo Switch?

The quick way to do it is to press the “Scan Tag” button on the TagMo app and see what it detects on the card. You can also load up your Nintendo Switch and try to use the Amiibo in game. Hold the NFC tag over the right analog stick on the JoyCon and the Amiibo card should show up for you in game.

Can you get Amiibos on iPhone?

You can emulate Amiibo’s from your Android phone for free. It is just unfortunate about the required Root. As of yet, there is no support to do this via iPhone. Do I have to use an Android device to create Amiibos?

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