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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word Ancien mean in French?

Before the noun, ancien means former / ex- / no longer. After the noun it means ancient / old. The adjective ancien in the sense of "ancient" is not really used in French for people.

What is the difference between Ancien and old ex?

ancien (feminine singular ancienne, masculine plural anciens, feminine plural anciennes) (before a noun) old, former, ex-: Mon ancien petit ami m'a plaquée. My ex-boyfriend ditched me. (after a noun) ancient le grec ancien the Ancient Greek language.

What does the term Ancien Régime mean?

The term in French means "old regime" or "former regime". However, most English language books use the French term Ancien Régime.

How to distinguish between Ancien and ordinateur in French?

In French you distinguish between the two by placing ancien either before (former) or after (old) the noun. My old computer = Mon ordinateur ancien or Mon ancien ordinateur ?

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