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Frequently Asked Questions

What is angular catcherror?

Angular CatchError is an RxJs Operator, which we can use to handle the errors thrown by the Angular Observable. Like all other RxJs operators, the CatchError also takes an observable as input and returns an observable (or throws an error). We can use CatchError to provide a replacement observable or throw a user-defined error.

How to handle errors from HTTP requests sent with angular httpclient?

The below examples show two different ways of catching and handling errors from HTTP requests sent with the Angular HttpClient. They both send an HTTP POST request to an invalid url on the Reqres API which is a fake online REST API used for testing, then assign the error to the errorMessage component property for display and log it to the console.

How to handle global HTTP error in AngularJS?

The Global HTTP error handling is done using the Angular HTTP Interceptor. The HttpClient captures the errors and wraps it in the generic HttpErrorResponse, before passing it to our app. The error property of the HttpErrorResponse contains the underlying error object.

What are the HTTP status codes in angular?

Whenever it does it will return the error response with the HTTP Status Codes such as Unauthorized (401), Forbidden (403), Not found (404), internal Server Error (500), etc. The Angular assigns the error response to error property of the HttpErrorResponse. The client-side code can also generate the error.

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