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Frequently Asked Questions

What is subscribe in angular?

Subscribe () is a method in Angular that connects the observer to observable events. Whenever any change is made in these observable, a code is executed and observes the results or changes using the subscribe method. Subscribe () is a method from the rxjs library, used internally by Angular.

What are observables in angular?

Because of these advantages, observables are used extensively within Angular, and for application development as well. As a publisher, you create an Observable instance that defines a subscriber function. This is the function that is executed when a consumer calls the subscribe () method.

Is angular 11 deprecated?

This is probably not an issue that comes from your side. The only thing that comes to mind is tslint, typescript and angular versions. Depending on what version of these you are using, your way of subscribtion is deprecated. If im not wrong angular 11 + deprecated it, But it just fired a warning before.

How to create an angular project using angular CLI?

Type the following command to create an Angular project using Angular CLI. Now, go inside the project and open the project in VSCode or any other editor. cd observe && code .

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