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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fruit is a Crimson sweet?

This variety was introduced by Kansas State University in 1963 and has become a commercial favorite which ships and stores well. Crimson Sweet develops large 15 to 25 pound (7-11 kg.) fruits with lovely dark and light green striping and deeply red flesh. The melons are oval with blunt ends and ripen just as the summer heat is beginning to sizzle.

What does Crimson sweet melon look like?

A pretty, light green melon with dark stripes, Crimson Sweet is famous for its high sugar content and great flavor. Seeds are small and dark. The vines are resistant to anthracnose and fusarium wilt.

Is Crimson sweet watermelon Fusarium resistant?

The melons are resistant to fusarium wilt and anthracnose, two common fungal diseases of the garden that do not have a cure. These traits and others make Crimson Sweet watermelon care a much more breezy affair than varieties without resistance. Select a bright, sunny location for growing Crimson Sweet watermelons.

Why grow your own Crimson sweet melons?

Growing your own means you have fresh fruit at hand whenever you crave the melon’s sweet flavor. Bright red and firmly fleshed, Crimson Sweet in gardens require room to sprawl but bring a taste of summer to your table fresh from the melon patch.

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