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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best ankle socks?

The best ankle support socks on the market are ZaTech Plantar Fasciitis ankle socks, which provide you with breathable mesh zones, targeted compression and a seamless toe enclosure. Our next favorite is the Sockwell Women’s Incline Quarter Moderate, featuring graduated compression, Acufit spandex and extra arch support.

What is an ankle compression wrap?

Place the end of the compression bandage flat against the top of the foot just above the toes. Wrap bandage snugly across the top of the foot and around the bottom of the foot on a slight upwards angle. Continue wrapping bandage across the top and bottom of the foot towards the ankle. Alternate an upwards angle with a downwards angle.

What are ankle socks?

Anklet socks, also referred to as ankle socks or sport socks, are short socks that are designed to cover just the feet. These socks typically end just below the ankle, and are not intended to extend up above the shoe.

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