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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anne-Marie's song about?

The song was written by Anne-Marie with Ina Wroldsen, who was originally meant to appear on the single but was swapped for Anne-Marie. Ina wrote the lyrics about her son, and the song tells the story of a single mother working all the hours under the sun to provide for her child.

Why did Anne-Marie not meet her mum this mother's day?

With the coronavirus pandemic, the ‘2002’ singer has had to self-isolate, much like the rest of us, Anne-Marie couldn’t meet her mum, this Mother’s Day. “We were supposed to go there and spend time with my mum, so she’s a bit upset about that,” said Anne-Marie, who later told us that she helped get food and essentials for her granddad.

Is Anne-Marie a singer or a songwriter?

But she's not only an incredible singer with an impressive career; Anne-Marie is also a seriously talented songwriter, having penned most of her own songs and even a few for other artists. To celebrate the release of her second album 'Therapy' AND the 'Dysfunctional Tour' in 2022, find out about Anne-Marie's songs right here...

Where can I hear Anne-Marie's biggest hits?

You can hear Anne-Marie's biggest hits on the Hits Radio playlist! For the biggest hits, the biggest throwbacks and incredible competitions tune into Hits Radio on our Hits Radio app, your DAB radio, Smart Speakers or online.

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