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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average yearly income for an architect?

average. hourly wage. $41.3k Bottom 20%. $68.5k Median. $113.6k Top 20%. Architects earn an average yearly salary of $68,486. Wages typically start from $41,304 and go up to $113,558. 12% above national average Updated in 2019.

How much does an architect make per year?

While architects earn high annual salaries, their exact pay is dependent on their educational credentials, licensing, work experience, job position, employer, industry and job location. On average, architects in the United States earn around $107,945 per year.

What is the average hourly rate for an architect?

a. Architect Hourly Rate. If you hire an architect on an hourly basis, they charge $125 to $250 per hour. You might get an intern for $45 to $90 per hour, but typically you can’t hire them independently of the firm. Hourly rates aren’t common and usually only for smaller projects or where the time it’ll take to finish isn’t known.

Who is the highest paid architect?

Architect Norman Foster is the most expensive and highest-paid architect in the world. The richest architect Norman Foster with his team Foster+Partners work...

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