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What is the life expectancy of someone with aortic dissection?

Patients were categorized into four groups according to the extension of the aortic replacement: SUPRACORONARY, ROOT, ARCH and EXTENSIVE. Results: Sixty-six patients (mean age 45±4 years; range 34-50 years) were considered eligible for this analysis. Overall in-hospital mortality was 24% (16/66 patients); and 25%, 23%, 20.5% and 43% in the SUPRACORONARY, ROOT, ARCH and EXTENSIVE groups, respectively.

Can an aortic dissection heal on its own?

dr. glotzbach: it could, and once you've had an aortic dissection your aorta's at risk for life and so this is something that is, you know, can be managed and stable and people can go on living with it but it's not something that will ever heal completely and so people just have to be aware that they need lifelong surveillance and i think that's …

What is the survival rate of an aortic dissection?

in its natural evolution, without treatment, acute type a aortic dissection reportedly has a mortality rate of about 1% per hour initially, with half of the patients expected to be dead by the 3rd day, and almost 80% by the end of the 2nd week. 3 death rates are lower but still significant in acute type b aortic dissection: 10% minimum at 30 …

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