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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Applied Physics Letters?

Applied Physics Letters (APL) publishes experimental and theoretical papers reporting applications of physics phenomena across all of science and engineering. Topics include advanced material properties, light-matter interactions, electronics, as well as nano and mesoscale physics.

Where does APL Photonics rank in the category of optics?

This places APL Photonics in the first quartile of journals in the category of Optics according to the 2019 Journal Citation Reports released by Clarivate Analytics today.

What is photonics journal?

The journal’s scope encompasses fundamental scientific and engineering advances in photonics research across physics, chemistry, biology, and materials science.

What are examples of future applications of photonic interconnects?

A third example of future applications of photonic interconnects are in scale-up compute fabrics, such as graphics processing unit (GPU) or AI/ML training and inference clusters, where workloads are balanced across multiple specialized compute chips. 4 4. P.

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