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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the director of Appuchi Gramam?

Appuchi Gramam is an tamil sci-fi movie direction debutant Anand V. Anand is an Civil Engineer who turned as director with this movie and he also worked under A R Murugadoss and Hosimin and Parathap Pothan. The movie is produced by V.. Show More

How many songs are there in Appuchi Graamam 2014?

Appuchi Graamam MP3 Songs Appuchi Graamam 2014 | Tamil | 5 Songs Music Director - Vishal C Eye Catch Multimedia 63 68.1K Plays Play FavouriteAdd to QueueShareAdd to Playlist Appuchi Graamam Songs En Kannu Kulla Varun Vishwa Ek Karunchingama  Gana Bala Or Nila Prahalad Raghavendran, Sinduri Shyam Sundar Appuchi Graamam Theme Instrumental

How does Appuchi Graamam feel the heat?

While they make frantic efforts to create awareness and prepare for the aftermath, a small unassuming village - Appuchi Graamam feels the heat as they brace themselves of the impend... Read all

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