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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deer hunting zone for archery in Minnesota?

Archery deer hunting is allowed throughout Minnesota from the middle of September to the end of December so deer zones have little significance for archery hunters. The area of the state where rifles can be used is Zone 100.

What is the archery?

The Archery is a carefully curated collective of the most skilled, experienced, and diversely educated cosmetic tattoo artists in the Twin Cities. Conceived by Owner and Royal Artist Jonelle Salzman, The Archery has a fundamental goal of providing beautiful, high quality cosmetic tattoo and microblading results to clients all over the country.

Should I add Archery Tag to my event?

"For those who are trying to increase revenue, adding Archery Tag is definitely a sure win." "Thank you to you and your time for your help along the way making it happen and keeping an eye on things along the way.

What is Deep South Archery Tag?

There's a new game in town: Deep South Archery Tag. 'It's dodge ball with bows and arrows' Bringing together the recognized leaders in non-lethal archery equipment and bubble soccer equipment.

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