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Frequently Asked Questions

When does archery season start in New Hampshire?

The archery season for Unit L Permit holders is September 15 - December 15. A current New Hampshire muzzleloader license and a regular hunting (firearm) license are required to take a deer with a muzzleloader during the muzzleloader season.

Do I need an archery license for deer hunting in NH?

An archery deer tag is issued with this license. You may not purchase a Special Archery Deer permit without an Archery license. Effective 2017: Persons 68 years or older holding a NH archery license under RSA 208:5, may use a crossbow as an alternative to a traditional bow during the archery deer season without obtaining an additional permit.

How much is an antlerless deer tag in NH?

Note: A total of up to 4,000 hunters will be allowed to purchase Special Antlerless Deer Permits for WMU M; the permit comes with two deer tags ($36). Available July 22 online and at NHFG Headquarters, first come, first serve basis.

What is Deep South Archery Tag?

There's a new game in town: Deep South Archery Tag. 'It's dodge ball with bows and arrows' Bringing together the recognized leaders in non-lethal archery equipment and bubble soccer equipment.

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