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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Combat Archery Tag?

Arrow Tag (aka Archery Dodgeball, Dodgebow, or Combat Archery) is an exhilarating combo of archery, dodgeball, and paintball. It's perfect for birthdays, bachelor parties, team building and special events. This exciting, action-packed bow and arrow game offers the ultimate party or event experience that engages everyone.

What is Deep South Archery Tag?

There's a new game in town: Deep South Archery Tag. 'It's dodge ball with bows and arrows' Bringing together the recognized leaders in non-lethal archery equipment and bubble soccer equipment.

Should I add Archery Tag to my event?

"For those who are trying to increase revenue, adding Archery Tag is definitely a sure win." "Thank you to you and your time for your help along the way making it happen and keeping an eye on things along the way.

What is late season flintlock and archery in Pennsylvania?

The second phase of the late season is the after Christmas flintlock and archery season. Roughly 3 weeks after the end of the rifle season, late season flintlock and archery season provide hunters one last chance at Pennsylvania deer hunting.

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