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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my archery equipment for hunting in Utah?

You must carry your Archery Ethics Course certificate of completion with you while you’re hunting. In the Herriman South Valley, Ogden, Southwest Desert/Cedar Valley, Uintah Basin, Utah Lake, Wasatch Front and West Cache extended archery areas, you may use archery equipment to take a deer of either sex (hunter's choice) from Sept. 18–Nov. 30, 2021.

Should I add Archery Tag to my event?

"For those who are trying to increase revenue, adding Archery Tag is definitely a sure win." "Thank you to you and your time for your help along the way making it happen and keeping an eye on things along the way.

What is Deep South Archery Tag?

There's a new game in town: Deep South Archery Tag. 'It's dodge ball with bows and arrows' Bringing together the recognized leaders in non-lethal archery equipment and bubble soccer equipment.

What are the rules for big game hunting in Utah?

(2) A person may not hunt or pursue big game after any of the notches have been removed from the tag or the tag has been detached from the permit. (3) The tag must remain with the largest portion of the meat until the animal is entirely consumed. R657-5-18. Transporting Big Game Within Utah.

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