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Frequently Asked Questions

What does archive mean?

Terms like archive, archive file, and file archive are also used to describe the act or result of compressing and storing a collection of files and folders to a single file. There's more on that at the bottom of this page.

What is an archiving policy?

An archiving policy must be created to determine the rules behind moving data. Using archive policies, an administrator ensures that data moved to the storage location follows the right regulatory standards and requirements. In conjunction with other rules about archiving, a retention policy is also necessary.

What is secure data archiving?

Secure data archiving is the process of collecting older data and moving it to a protected location so that it can be retrieved if needed in a data forensics investigation. Archives are distinct from backups. With data archiving, the information is moved to free up storage resources.

What does it mean when a file has an archive attribute?

Having a file with the archive attribute turned on simply means that the file has been flagged as needing to be backed up, or archived. Most of the files we encounter in normal computer use will likely have the archive attribute turned on, like the image you downloaded from your digital camera,...

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