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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for becoming a sponsor through the Army Sponsorship Program?

Soldiers will need to use the Army Career Tracker 's Total Army Sponsorship Program to initiate the DA Form 5434 (Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information Sheet) and request a sponsor. Sponsorship is required in order to process permanent change of station orders to Hawaii and other regions.

What are the benefits of Army sponsorship?

Sponsorship Supports Readiness By Mitigating Stress While Enhancing Unit Cohesion, Resilience And Esprit De Corps. The army sponsorship program is provided to help commanders exercise their basic responsibility to assist soldiers, civilian employees, and families successfully relocate into and out of their commands.

Who is eligible for Army sponsorship?

Sponsorship applies to all active component Soldiers in ranks E-1 through O-6, according to TASP Regulation, Army Regulation 600-8-8 and HQDA EXORD 161-15 Army wide implementation of the TASP Army Career Tracker module for active duty Soldiers. TASP ensures incoming Soldiers are assigned sponsors prior to reporting to their next duty station.

What is the Total Army Sponsorship Program?

The Total Army Sponsorship Program (TASP) is a commander’s program designed to assist Soldiers, Families, and Army Civilian employees during relocation. Sponsors, ideally Soldiers and Army Civilians with significant time on station, provide incoming personnel with information and referral services about the installation and community.

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