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Frequently Asked Questions

How to log into arims?

To Login to your ARIMS Account Go to Once at the home page, click "Login with CAC" located in the center of the page. On the next screen verify your credentials and click "Ok" and enter your PIN. First Previous Next Last

What is risk management alms?

14 Cards in this Set. Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing, and controlling risks arising from operational factors and making decisions that balance risk cost with mission benefits (JP 3-0). The Army uses risk management (RM) to help maintain combat power while ensuring mission accomplishment in current and future operations.

What is my military email?

Many military personnel are given unique e-mail addresses according to their specific job or unit, but this format is the most common in the military. For the Army: [email protected] For the Marines: [email protected] For the Air Force: [email protected]

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