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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Army Emergency Relief (Aer)?

“Army Emergency Relief plays a central role in helping us preserve readiness by providing vital assistance to our Soldiers and their families. The Army continues to count on AER to assist our service members in meeting their unexpected needs.

Is AER a DoD program?

AER is not an Army or Department of Defense (DoD) organization. Therefore, the Government, or the Army, cannot direct AER how to distribute this money. Funds for the program are generated through voluntary contributions from active and retired Soldiers.

How much money does Aer give to the military?

On an annual basis, AER provides over $50 million in Zero-Interest Loans and $10 million in grants to more than 45,000 Soldiers, and another $10 million in educational scholarships for Army Spouses and Children.

What forms of payment does Aer accept?

AER accepts personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, and electronic bill pay from your personal bank. Please include “Army Emergency Relief”, our address, and your Client ID with your payment. Can I make a payment over the phone? Yes, you can call us with your bank information and we can set the payment up for you.

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