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Frequently Asked Questions

What does EES stand for?

Evaluation Entry System (EES) 1 Evaluation Entry System (EES) User’s Guide Fort Knox, KY 14 April 2017 UNCLASSIFIED 2 Table of Contents

How do I accept the terms of the EES user agreement?

Users will select “I agree to the terms of the User Agreement” and select “Accept Terms.” Users must possess a valid DOD CAC . 4 Navigating EES Users can navigate EES’s various functions from its Home Page.

How do I delete an OER in EES?

Deleting OERs a. When you are on the landing page of EES, select the evaluation that needs to be deleted by selecting the “Continue/View Active Evaluations” radio button. b. Select the evaluation from the list of active OERs.

How long does it take for ERS access to be granted?

Request ERS Access  Access should be granted within 15 minutes  Access is revoked after 30 days of non-use o If access is revoked, the user will have to request access be reactivated Status & Management Tools: Evaluation Reports System (ERS)

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