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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Change my CAC to DoD enterprise email?

Solution 25-2: Visit an ID card office to have them update your email address on your CAC (s) to your DoD Enterprise Email address. Solution 25-3: Your computer still has your certificates from your former CAC, and is trying to use them instead of your new CAC certificates. Follow slide 23 in this guide to clear them.

Can the DoD enterprise email be used on a personal computer?

INFORMATION: The DoD Enterprise Email does NOT have the ability to be accessed using Outlook or other email program on a computer that is not on the .mil or .gov network . Read the 3 lines with double dashes. This means it cannot be set it up on a personal computer using Outlook.

What is the default email address for Army CACs?

Enterprise Webmail link: In the Under Secretary of the Army memorandum regarding Enterprise Email, the email address is the default email address on all new CACs issued since 6 January 2014. NOTE: Between SEP 2019 and FEB 2020 everyone in the Army will be migrated to PIV AUTH certificate for Email access.

How do I get a DoD certificate for enterenterprise webmail?

Enterprise Webmail link: 1 Obtain a CAC Reader 2 CAC Reader driver 3 DoD Certificates 4 IE adjustments 5 S elect the Authentication certificate when prompted

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