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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is armyignited not working?

Tuition assistance is a key recruiting tool that helps pay for soldiers to attend school, and ArmyIgnitED — the service branch’s delivery system of that benefit — has been down due to a technical glitch since it launched in March.

When will armyignited be complete?

Soldiers must have an approved Education Path and the Soldiers’ Educational Institutions (EI) must have uploaded an electronic course enrollment file into ArmyIgnitED in advance of 30 August 2021 when ArmyIgnitED will transform all course enrollments files submitted by EIs for courses with past star... t dates into TA Requests through an ETP draw. ArmyIgnitED cannot generate a TA Request for Soldiers without the Education Path and the enrollment file.

How to request Ta armyignited?

How to Request ArmyIgnitED Tuition Assistance. If you have not yet set up your account with ArmyIgnitED, your first step is to visit the ArmyIgnitED website and follow the “Get Started” steps. ...

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