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Frequently Asked Questions

What are forms and pubs in the Army?

Forms & Pubs The Army Publishing Directorate (APD) is the Army’s centralized departmental publishing organization in support of readiness. APD manages, authenticates, indexes, sustains, procures printing, distributes publications, forms, and digital media.

Who are the publications of the US Army?

Department of the Army administrative publications including ARs, DA Cirs, DA Pams, and Field Manuals (FMs) Technical Bulletins (TB) are maintained by the U.S. Army Publishing Directorate. U.S. Army Medical Department, Medical Research and Materiel Command (MRMC), U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency (USAMMA) supply bulletins...

Is the Army Medicine website a public service?

The Army Medicine Website is provided as a public service by the Office of the Army Surgeon General, Public Affairs, and the Network Enterprise Center, Fort Detrick, Md.

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