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Frequently Asked Questions

When both spouses are authorized to claim TLE?

When both spouses are members, each is authorized TLE. Each member is authorized TLE whether or not temporary lodgings are jointly or separately occupied. Each may be paid or reimbursed up to $290/day. One member may not claim the other member for TLE payment. Both members may not claim the same dependents on the same days for TLE purposes.

What is the difference between TLE and tla?

TLE is only authorized in the vicinity of the old/new Permanent Duty Station (PDS); it is not authorized for house hunting. *Lodging at OCONUS locations may be reimbursed under Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA).

How do I determine my TLE entitlement?

Contact your local pay for additional information. Determine the TLE entitlement by multiply the percentage in the following table by the applicable locality lodging and M&IE rates. Need additional information?

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