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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an art taboret?

An art taboret is an essential furniture piece for every art studio. Browse the inventory at Madison Art Shop to find art taborets in multiple sizes to fit any space.

Why choose tabtaborets Madison Art Shop?

Taborets Madison Art Shop has a wonderful selection of Artists' & Painters' Taborets, On-Sale Now! We strive to offer our customers a superior inventory of art taborets by trusted manufacturers in the industry including BEST, SMI, and more.

Where can I buy a rollable art taboret?

Jerry’s offers a range of rollable art taborets and carts to store your supplies and lay out the materials you need. Our artist taborets come in a variety of styles and sizes.

What are the best studio taborets?

Best Studio Taborets are simple but functional pieces of furniture that are a welcome addition to any studio. Available in a variety of configurations, these taborets are sturdily constructed of solid oak and oak plywood for years of dependable service.

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