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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an artist create an artwork?

Artists also create art for a variety of other specific reasons, including: To demonstrate technical expertise with a medium. Celebrating the aesthetics of common, ordinary and mundane objects Depict the beauty in nature Explore elements of art – line, shape, space, color, etc. Innovation and breaking rules

What is the Best Art?

The Best Art. The Best Art is an artistic collaboration between the computer (MacBook Air, 13-inch, early 2015), and the human (Nicole He). The computer queries the universe and uses an algorithm to objectively calculate the best art for any given moment in time. The human executes the commands. Follow new projects here or on Twitter.

What makes good art?

… Good art is about balance, composition, use of light, how the artist moves the viewer’s eye throughout the piece, it's about the message, or what the artist is trying to communicate, to convey. It is about how the artist used his medium, his skills. It is not about style.

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