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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of camel has one hump?

Dromedary Camel with One Hump during Sunny Day. Dromedary Camel also called Somali or Arabian Camel in Czech Farm Park. Camelus Dromedarius with One Hump during Hump of brown female camel in autumn wet rainy day. Hump of brown female camel in autumn wet rainy green day, africa, animal, arabian, asia, background, black

What is humphump day?

Hump Day. A symbol associated with the middle of the work week Camel portrait (vintage sepia shot). Summer shot of the camel in close up (portrait The muzzle of the African camel. Close-up Large beautiful camel. Large camel outside amongst nature during the day Khongor Els Sand Dune Sagging Bactrian Camel Hump.

What does the hump emoji mean?

This emoji is sometimes used to communicate smoking cigarette, after Joe Camel and the Camel brand cigarette. Can also be used on Wednesday as "hump day", the day in the middle of the work week, or as a synonym for sex or "hump." Proposed Unicode Information & Notes

What kind of animal is happy Hump Day?

Illustration of a `Happy Hump day`. Illustration of a `Happy Hump day Dromedary or Arabian camel, Camelus dromedarius, even-toed ungulate with one hump on its back. Camel in the long golden grass in. Dromedary or Arabian camel

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