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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ASCII stand for?

What does ASCII mean? American Standard Code for Information Interchange, ASCII (noun) (computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by different companies; a string of 7 binary digits represents each character; used in most microcomputers

What is the ASCII value of the alphabet?

The ASCII value of lowercase alphabets are from 97 to 122. And, the ASCII value of uppercase alphabets are from 65 to 90. If the ASCII value of the character entered by the user lies in the range from 97 to 122 or from 65 to 90, that number is an alphabet.

What is ASCII range?

Formally ASCII is a seven bit code. The valid range is 0 - 127. Many people are use to thinking of it as an 8-bit code because bytes are 8 bits wide and characters are stored in bytes. Starting with the IBM-PC back in the eighties the extra bit was used to encode an extra group of OEM characters (128 - 255).

What are ASCII commands?

The ASCII protocol is a query-response or a question and answer communication protocol in which a host PC uses ASCII characters to send commands to a device and then receives responses back from that device. The ASCII command set is used to configure devices, send data to devices and to read data and status information back from devices.

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