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Frequently Asked Questions

What is asparagus?

The first sprigs of Herbs before unfolded unto leaves, and the youngest and tenderest branches that are eatable, are called Asparagus.” Miller’s Gardener’s Dictionary. —See also Suidas in Voce, Galenus de Alim. Facult. Humelbergius, ap. Apul. de Med. Hist. c. 84. Our author’s account of the Asparagi is abridged from Galen.

What is Spargelfest (asparagus festival)?

Many German cities hold an annual Spargelfest (asparagus festival) celebrating the harvest of white asparagus. Schwetzingen claims to be the "Asparagus Capital of the World", and during its festival, an Asparagus Queen is crowned.

Where can you find white asparagus in Europe?

White asparagus in continental northwestern Europe and western Asia. During the German Spargelsaison or Spargelzeit ("asparagus season" or "asparagus time"), the asparagus season that traditionally finishes on 24 June, roadside stands and open-air markets sell about half of the country's white asparagus consumption.

What is asparagus / sparrow-grass?

/ The Plant now commonly known by the name of Asparagus or Sparrow-grass, is said by Simeon Seth to be so nutritious, that it deserves to hold an intermediate place between pot-herbs and flesh.

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