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Frequently Asked Questions

What is asparaginase used for in dogs?

Follow On: Asparaginase is a protein that is sometimes used to treat canine lymphoma, or cancers that affect a dog's white blood cells and immune system. Marketed under the brand name anti-cancer drug Elspar, asparaginase is also known as the enzyme L-asparaginase.

What is asparaginase and how does it help cancer patients?

Healthy cells are able to generate their own asparagine, while those affected by lymphoma and other cancers cannot produce their own supply. By introducing asparaginase into the system through chemotherapy, the already dwindling amount of asparagine contained in the cancer cells breaks down even further.

Is prednisone alone or with L-asparaginase better for dog lymphoma?

Both prednisone alone and L-asparaginase are routinely used in combination with chemotherapy and as palliative care of dogs with lymphoma, but these treatments have not been directly compared either alone or in combination.

What is Elspar® (asparagine)?

Asparagine, commonly known as Elspar®, is an injectable anti-cancer drug used in dogs and cats to help treat lymphoma, or in some forms of leukemia. Asparagine is an amino acids important in many body functions.

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