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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the uses of asparaginase?

The most common use of asparaginases is as a processing aid in the manufacture of food. Asparaginases are used as a food processing aid to reduce the formation of acrylamide, a suspected carcinogen, in starchy food products such as snacks, biscuits and fried potato.

What are the different types of asparaginase?

Asparaginases can be used for different industrial and pharmaceutical purposes. E. coli strains are the main source of medical asparaginase. Branded formulations (with different chemical and pharmacological properties) available in 1998 include Asparaginase Medac, Ciderolase, and Oncaspar.

What is the function of free and immobilized asparaginase?

Free and immobilized asparaginases are used for the mitigation of acrylamide level in food during the blanching process. The immobilized asparaginase is repeatedly reused without any loss in the activity of the enzyme.

Can L-asparaginase production be optimized in batch fermentation?

L- asparaginase enzyme is a renown enzyme because of its chemotherapeutic properties. This enzyme may also be employed in food processing technology. The present study aimed, optimizing the agitation and aeration rate in L-asparaginase production, using C. utilis, ATCC 9950 in batch fermentation system.

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