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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of asparagine synthetase?

ASNS function Asparagine synthetase (ASNS)4catalyzes the synthesis of asparagine and glutamate from aspartate and glutamine in an ATP-dependent amidotransferase reaction (Fig. 1A) (1).

What is the distribution of L-asparagine synthetase in animal cells?

The distribution of l -asparagine synthetase in the principal organs of several mammalian and avian species. Biochem. J. 1974; 142: 27-35 ). However, when considering the requirement for asparagine at the level of individual cells, ASNS deficiency leads to extracellular asparagine dependence, as discussed above for ALL cells.

What is the prognosis of asparagine synthetase deficiency?

Deficiency of asparagine synthetase causes congenital microcephaly and a progressive form of encephalopathy. Asparagine Synthetase Deficiency causes reduced proliferation of cells under conditions of limited asparagine. Mol. Genet. Metab. 2015; 116: 178-186 Asparagine Synthetase deficiency: report of a novel mutation and review of literature.

Does aspartate react with glutamine in asparagine synthesis?

Although the enzyme name leads one to focus on asparagine synthesis, given the overall reaction, the activity does consume glutamine and aspartate, and produce glutamate. Whether or not ASNS actually impacts the cellular homeostasis of one or more of the other reactants remains speculative.

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