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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Atlassian a data processor or data controller under GDPR?

For this reason, Atlassian is neither a data processor nor data controller under GDPR for the purposes of the personal data you choose to store within Atlassian Server or Data Center applications. Atlassian may access analytics events associated with your technical use of the products, but only where permitted by your administrator.

How does Atlassian protect customer data privacy?

In addition to the addendum, Atlassian is committed to protecting customer data privacy and rights by only responding to law enforcement requests after a comprehensive legal review.

Is Jira Server GDPR compliant?

To improve the compliance of Jira Server with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we will be introducing a set of changes in Jira over the next few releases. Our ultimate goal is to give Jira admins the tools to anonymize users and any related personal data that appears in Jira.

What is Atlassian Cloud data export?

Atlassian provides robust data portability and data management tools for exporting product and user data. For more information on Atlassian Cloud data export, see our import and export documentation.

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