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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 'active attacks' and what are some examples?

‘Active attacks’ cause data to be altered, system files to be modified and are obviously much more harmful than ‘passive attacks’. These are some examples of ‘active attacks’: Brute-force attacks involve trying every possible character combination to find the ‘key’ to decrypt an encrypted message.

What is a a cryptographic attack?

A cryptographic attack is a method for circumventing the security of a cryptographic system by finding a weakness in a code, cipher, cryptographic protocol, or key management scheme.

What is a 'cipher-only' attack?

In the ‘cipher-only’ attack, the attacker knows the ciphertext of various messages which have been encrypted using the same encryption algorithm. The attacker’s challenge is to figure the ‘key’ which can then be used to decrypt all messages.

What is a DES attack?

This was a popular type of attack against block algorithms such as DES in 1990. The primary aim of this attack, as with other attacks, is finding the ‘key’. The attacker follows several messages of plaintext into their transformed ciphertext.

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