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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there threats and attacks on self-driving cars and ITSs?

Therefore, analyzing the threats and attacks on self-driving cars and ITSs, and their corresponding countermeasures to reduce those threats and attacks are needed. For this reason, some survey papers compiling potential attacks on VANETs, ITSs and self-driving cars, and their detection mechanisms are available in the current literature.

What was the Charlottesville car attack?

The Charlottesville car attack was a terror attack perpetrated on August 12, 2017, when James Alex Fields, Jr. deliberately drove his car into a crowd of people who had been peacefully protesting the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one and injuring 35. The 20-year-old Fields had driven from Ohio to attend the rally.

What kind of car did Chris Fields Drive in the attack?

Fields purchased his first car, the 2010 Dodge Challenger used in the attack, from a car dealership in Florence, Kentucky in June 2015.

Was your car hit by an egg while driving on Pleasant Avenue?

But it wasn't long before Jones realized she wasn't alone. One woman told Local 12 that she was driving on Pleasant Avenue Sunday night when several eggs hit her windshield, temporarily blocking her view of the road. Another driver posted online that their car was hit by eggs while driving on John Gray Road.

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