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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a block in AutoCAD?

Creating AutoCAD Attributes. Select the "Draw" menu, then "Block," then "Define Attributes" to open the Attributes dialog box, which will allow you to create the tags mentioned in the first section of this article. Choose the "Verify" mode in the first section of the dialog.

How do you insert block in AutoCAD?

AutoCAD gives you three more ways to insert a block: Drag and drop: Drag a DWG file from Windows Explorer and drop it anywhere in the current drawing window. The DesignCenter palette: Drag a block definition from the Blocks section of the DesignCenter palette and drop it into the current drawing window.

How do I align objects in AutoCAD?

Click Home tab Modify panel Align. Find. Select the objects that you want to align. Specify a source point and then the corresponding destination point. To rotate the object, specify a second source point followed by a second destination point. Press Enter to end the command.

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