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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Avira a good antivirus?

Avira free is good antivirus. Essentially it is only an antivirus scan engine. However, it is better at detection than Windows Defender. On W10 one might want to keep Windows Defender since Microsoft added malicious script protections - and Avira products have virtually none other than detection.

Does Avira free come with firewall?

Zonealarm FREE firewall works fine with Avira, but Avira does not WANT to recognize. a firewall other (and better) than windows poor one. So you have to manage with a status saying 'Your PC is not protected' all the time. Note that Zonealarm FREE firewall does not include any virus protection, so it does not.

Is Avira free still free?

Avira is the pioneer of the freemium business model, offering free privacy, security, and performance tools for a wide range of platforms. Avira's core belief is that digital privacy and security are fundamental digital rights, so our software is and always will be free .

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