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Frequently Asked Questions

Why lease a car with Avis?

If you need a car for an extended period of time (1 year or more) but do not wish to commit yourself to buying one then Avis Car leasing is for you! The advantage of leasing a car with Avis is that you get to drive your car of choice with Avis taking care of all your vehicle maintenance and servicing needs.

How do I Reserve an Avis flex long-term rental?

Choose your car : download the Avis app and upon your arrival you can choose the exact make and model of the car you prefer Swap Vehicles : If you need to change your car for any reason, contact the rental location from where you picked up your car, to schedule a vehicle swap. Reserve Today or call 1-800-524-9000 for an Avis Flex long-term rental.

How does the Avis minilease program work?

Choose your rental period: the Avis MiniLease is defined as a dedicated rental vehicle provided for a period between 3 and 11 months. (New contracts are offered after 11 months). Monthly electronic invoicing, if required. Vehicles can be rented on either a credit card or single voucher (for account holders).

How do I contact Avis corporate for rental car information?

For information regarding this program or your corporate account, call Avis at 1-800-222-2847 or e-mail [email protected] Please have your AWD number and the number of the rental agreement in question ready.

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