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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Avis Car Rental in Caroline Springs?

Coupon codes are seven characters, four letters followed by three numbers. Park & lock the car. Place the completed contract & the keys in the Drop Box located in the Returns area. Remember to take your personal belongings with you. Caroline Springs Avis car rental location is well positioned at 1045 Ballarat Road in Ravenhall.

How old do you have to be to rent a car with Avis?

Providing your age allows us to give you a more accurate rental estimate. Restrictions and fees may apply for drivers under 25. Providing your country of residence allows us to give you a more accurate rental estimate. Do you have an Avis Wizard Number?

Do you have a discount code for Avis?

Enter your Avis Wizard/Preferred profile number to enjoy faster reservations and rentals. Do you have a Discount Code? Select the Discount Code option to enter an AWD (Avis Worldwide Discount), Coupon Code or Rate Code. These are the available options that may be redeemed.

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