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Frequently Asked Questions

What cars does Avis Rent?

Premium Car Models Chevrolet Impala. Experience balanced handling and a smooth and comfortable ride with a Chevy Impala rental from Avis. Volkswagen Passat. A Volkswagen Passat rental offers reasonable gas mileage, a sporty look, and plenty of passenger room for travelers. Ford Taurus. ... Nissan Maxima. ... Toyota Avalon. ...

Does Avis offer AAA Discounts?

While Hertz is AAA's official car rental partner (and offers a number of special deals and extra benefits to AAA members), Budget also provides a AAA discount. As for AARP members, Avis, Enterprise, Budget and Hertz all offer discounts.

Is Avis or budget better?

Avis is better than Budget in terms of the technology it uses and the luxurious level of services it provides to the customers. Well, as per the record, not much difference has been noticed between the Avis and Budget car rental.

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