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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a car rental in New Orleans?

New Orleans is full of a wide variety of activities that certain cars are suited to. Whether you’re alone, with family, on business, or on vacation, Avis Car Rental at New Orleans airport has the right vehicle for your itinerary.

When to check in for car rental at New Orleans Airport?

Departing customers should arrive at the car rental check-in at least three hours prior to flight time. The airport is open 24 hours and busses run 24 hours. Passengers with special needs should contact MVI Field Services at (615) 318-3108. Airline Passengers: After collecting luggage, follow signs to the Consolidated Rental Car bus area.

How does Avis take care of their cars?

Avis Certified vehicles are strictly maintained to manufacturers' standards and have passed a rigorous multi-point inspection process completed by ASE-Certified and ASE Master Technicians. We love our cars and take good care of them—from regular washes to factory-recommended preventative maintenance.

How many seats does an Avis passenger van have?

Avis passenger vans come with either 12 or 15 seats, ideal for conference groups, parties, extended family, and other groups, when you all want to stick together to see the sights and try a hot beignet at Café du Monde.

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