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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AWS pricing calculator?

- AWS Pricing Calculator What is AWS Pricing Calculator? AWS Pricing Calculator is a web-based planning tool that you can use to create estimates for your AWS use cases. You can use it to model your solutions before building them, explore the AWS service price points, and review the calculations behind your estimates.

What is the difference between AWS cost explorer and AWS TCO calculator?

It helps you estimate your monthly AWS bill more efficiently. AWS Cost Explorer is used to explore and analyze your historical spend and usage. The AWS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator, unlike the previous two tools, has a specific purpose: It is used to compare the cost of your on-premises environment to the cost of an AWS environment.

How do I add AWS services to my bill?

Most of our customers use multiple AWS services in multiple regions. Hence the calculator has a mechanism to select a service in a particular region and add it to the bill. Users can select a region and simply input the usage values of each service in that region and then click on the “Add to Bill” button. This will add the service to the bill.

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